Publication Server of FIR e. V. at RWTH Aachen University

This portal fulfills three functions:

  • It is the repository of FIR - all current and future publications of our institute are and will be listed here. Depending on the legal situation, it will provide free full text access or metadata only.
  • These metadata are also the basis for our institute bibliography as well as for the authors' bibliographies: Their personal publication lists are created with the help of this server and listed on the staff pages.
  • Last but not least, this platform offers our institute the possibility of Open Access publication, either in the form of so-called Green or Gold Open Access.
Older publications of the Institute will also be migrated successively, while preserving copyrights and rights of use.

So far, only a part of our publications is freely accessible in full text, these can be found most quickly via the "browse" function above, under "open_access" and "OpenAIRE". We strive to rapidly increase the proportion of freely available full texts.

With our Open Access Policy, which is based on the Open Access Policy of RWTH Aachen University and the "Berlin Declaration" („Berliner Erklärung“), we support the efforts of the Open Access movement in science in the sense of the FAIR principles. This includes that we support our authors with further offers besides this publication opportunity and the overview of their published work during their time at FIR. Furthermore, we are listed in the Research Organization Registry.

For you as interested users/readers we would like to provide as many publications as possible, also in full text, to inform you about our work and to share our results with you. For the quickest overview, click on "All Documents" below. Under the menu item "Search", various search options are available; however, the advanced search is more recommended. In addition to the search mask, you can further narrow your search using the search trees (on the left side of the catalog view). You can also use the "Browse" function to search specifically for authors, departments/divisions, etc. of FIR. Under the FAQ you will find further information and assistance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: